Amber Jane McCormick - Founder, Mind Beyond

Amber is the Founder of Mind Beyond. She is a certified Meditation and Mindfulness teacher. After a career spanning over a decade working as an Entertainment Journalist and TV Producer, Amber moved into the world of corporate wellness. 

For the past 3 years she has worked in collaboration with the UK’s top wellness experts, coaches and psychologist to create mindfulness and meditation programs that are distributed internationally across platforms including Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Roku, Sky and Comcast.

Amber is currently continuing her mindfulness training at The University of Oxford and runs monthly mindfulness workshops around London as well corporate training, events and private coaching sessions.

My Story - Why Mindfulness Works

Mindfulness and meditation allowed me to overcome the chronic anxiety and overwhelm I experienced when I moved to London from Sydney  5 years ago. 

Through professional training, extensive research and a personal mindfulness practice, I was able to completely change my life and develop the mental resilience required to overcome a number of physical and psychological challenges that had plagued me for many years.  

I launched Mind Beyond in order to make mindfulness training accessible to busy, modern professionals.

I have so much confidence in the mindfulness method I teach and practice because it has had such a powerful impact on my own life and produces incredible results for my clients.

Mindfulness works because it teaches us that we have the capacity to focus our attention on what matters to us most rather than constantly reacting to our environment or circumstances.

As we train the mind we become empowered to take responsibility of our own thoughts, feelings and actions. 

I truly believe that mindfulness is a practical and effective pathway to overcoming so many of the difficulties we face in daily life and creating more space for creativity, compassion, fun and meaningful experiences. 

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